Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I love this upcycle so much! I snagged these shelves at a dumpster outside of the dorms at my university. People are unbelievable when it comes to throwing things out! Many of them live out of state and have to fly or drive home so they have no choice but to throw out lots of stuff. My sister once found a down comforter and an Ipod dock in the dumpster at her school!
So anyways I grabbed these and wanted to wait to figure out what to do with them. Since school has ended I've also been trying to clean out my closet and came across a bunch of old maps! So I came up with this idea for these shelves and it fits my bathroom perfectly! Check out another DIY project that amy did with maps!

Here is the before and an after!
 Mod Podge, Maps, Exacto-Knife

1. Peel off any paper existing on the shelves, where you are going to lay the maps. If you want to paint the shelves any other color, do that now as well.
2. Figure out what area of the map you want to use. Cut the map into a smaller section so it is easier to manage, but not as small as your shelf size.
3. Put your map into the shelf and press into the corners to make creases. Run your exacto knife along the edges.
4. Put a very thin layer of Mod Podge on the shelf, then put your map section on. Use a heavy object to try to get any bubbles out. Let dry.
5. Put another layer of Mod Podge over the top of the map to seal it up!


Monday, May 13, 2013


Here's a quick and easy one! And now you wont have to  greet and say goodbye to people because your rug will do it for you. I've been meaning to make one of these for a long time and was always looking for a plain outdoor rug to do it on, but everywhere I looked they only had rubber ones or ones that had writing on them already. So I decided to just do it on the rug I've had outside for a couple years. Its going to get dirty anyways so I tried it out!

Before starting I washed it as best I could. I really like this woven rug because its a lot easier to paint than some of the bristle ones that I've seen it done with. Some people use stencils for this project by printing out your font and then using an exacto-knife and spray paint, but I figured that would be harder than doing it free hand, and I didn't have any spray paint! So I just printed out my font (Lobster Two) and then made some reference points for the size and started painting with some white fabric paint from Hobby Lobby. Do several layers to make it clear, and use a piece of paper to help with the sharper edges. These also look really cute in Helvetica!