Meet Us!

hello my name is...

[ Jerica ]

Helloooo! I recently graduated with a bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and I currently work in asthma research. But I surprisingly also like to do fun things sometimes toooo! I try to keep a balance between that side and my creative side. When I'm not doing that I am occupied with my boyfriend and beautiful Sheltie or constantly starting new crafts and not finishing them, and redecorating when I find a new room obsession!

[ Amy ]

Hmm… what would work so perfectly right about now is one of those MySpace surveys that ask sooooooo many sweeeeeet questions, especially about who I am crushing on currently and then curse you if you do not forward it on.

Well I will make do without it… I work as an as Event Coordinator and also manage the graphics for a Boulder based jewelry designing company. I love traveling, cooking, dogs (love love love dogs) and crafting. I am still trying to figure out what my passion is in life... but for now I am going to keep cooking and crafting as I go along!