Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Sorry we have been so MIA this past month (or three). Amy has been so busy at work and I am finishing up my final semester! I also work in toxicology research so I have been going to conferences to present on top of school and finals and all the things that graduating includes! So closeeee. So the blog has unfortunately been put on the back-burner lately, but I plan to pick up again with full speed this summer!
Here's a little project I did this past weekend because I just needed to make somethingggg.
I needed a new shower curtain for my upstairs bathroom and decided to make one! I got a white sheet from the thrift store that already had the top end sewed, so it pretty much already looked like a shower curtain. To get the holes right I just laid my old shower curtain on top and made marks for the points to cut holes. And of course you still need to use a plastic liner with this.
Then I got to drawing! You can also used colored crayon with this.

RIT fabric dye (found at wal-mart or anywhere really!)

1. Draw on sheet with your crayons. Try to keep your crayon sharp in order to show up crisper. Use your old shower curtain for measurements on the size.
2. Cut holes for the shower hooks.
3. Dye! I chose a black dye because I wanted a charcoal color. I used a huge metal pot and a metal spoon to dye it, and just kinda kept adding dye until it looked right!
4. Rinse out with water until water runs clear. Let Dry. Now take a shower, ya turkey!


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