Sunday, February 17, 2013



This homemade dog treat requires two things, sweet potato and an oven! You'll want to cut the sweet potato into slices around a quarter-inch thick; if they are too thin they will be more crispy and less of a chew, if it is too thick the heat of the oven wont be able to penetrate very deep. So a quarter inch turned out perfect for me. I even eat them myself sometimes. Amy and I are both obsessed with our dogs and will try to do some more dog-oriented recipes. No Cats Allowed here EVER. If you like this and want another homemade dog treat recipe, check out these peanut butter treats Amy made!

Place all your slices on a baking sheet and set your oven as low as it will go. Mine went to 200 F. By keeping it as low as possible you do more of a dehydration instead of an actual bake.  I checked mine out and flipped them all over about halfway in between and all together they probably sat in the oven for 4 hours but pull one out every once in a while and check out the consistency.
To store I took an old jar and printed out a label to glue on, then put some mod-podge over to seal. I finished by spray painting the lid.

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