Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have been so excited to show off these rockssss I found at an estate sale on a farm!  And the best part? I got ten of them for $15! My sister also scored some awesome 30's camera equipment to use as decor, they just had the most amazing stuff! These rocks were in a huge box with tons of different rocks and I noticed a few of them had screws and thought they would make awesome dresser knobs! 
I picked up some more screws and washers from Ace Hardware for the rocks that didn't have them, and used some sealer I found in my basement and hot glue to attach the screws. Ideally if you had some sort of rock drill this would be best, to drill a hole in and fill with glue so that they stay put better. The ones that came with screws on them already were attached with some sort of glue and were still holding up really well. It is pretty self explanatory from here.
You can pretty much make anything into dresser knobs when you think about it!


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