Monday, October 15, 2012


Do you have a spare hour or two? Do you have an extra bookcase already made and sitting around in your garage waiting for you to do something with it? You do?! Then this is perfect for you, PERFECT! The house I live in was from the 30's and had been in the same family from then until I came around. It was in terrible condition and my dad and I pretty much remodeled the whole thing (okay mostly just my dad). I've been living here three years now, but needless to say, I still find lots of random things around. I found this bookcase buried in the garage and unfortunately was painted a not-so-flattering lime green. I whined to my babygurllll (boyfriend) to paint it for me, and he ended up painting it a cream color that I had lying around from when the walls were painted originally. So it blended in with whatever wall I put it against. I love the trend going around of painting the back wall of shelves, so I came up with this idea to help it pop!

I used painters tape to get the edges of these lines and did not do any measurements because I wanted to have a hand-drawn look (aka I'm lazy). I also changed up the color order in each section to make it look more sporadic. For the colors, I didn't want to have to get large amounts of paint for just a few lines, so I actually used fabric paints I had lying around and they worked perfectly! After lifting the tape there will probably be some bleeding, so just use a very fine brush to touch those spots up. Now I just need a sweet color coordinated book collection like everyone else haaaas!
Sorry the lighting isn't the best in these photos, I live in the basement of the house! 


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