Sunday, October 28, 2012


This is a super easy costume I threw together before a Halloween bar crawl last night. I got the idea from a Martha Stewart blog on DIY costumes. 

Clear Bubble Umbrella - I got mine from Walmart
Hot glue gun
White paint
 The instructions called for small and large bubble wrap but I went with one roll of large bubble wrap. I cut 8 large strips in a wavy pattern for the tentacles and the same with the cellophane. I hot glued one bubble wrap strip and one cellophane strip together on each panel. I then cut a bunch of smaller strips of both materials and glued them to the metal bars inside the umbrella. I paired it with a sheer white dress ( I got a blue one also; any shear color looks good with it!), some white tights and ballet flats. Other ideas could be a long shear Maxi dress or a hi-low skirt. But since its October those are hard to find last minute!

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