Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have been in the slow process of decorating my room. What has been in the way is the fact I need to clean my room first....but that will all happen in time! I am moving down to a basement room in my house that has these beautiful built in shelves that are perfect for my decanter collection. One of my favorite thrifting activities is to have a mission of finding something in particular- it makes me feel more productive rather than the feeling of me just going on a crazy shopping spree at the thrift store, (random great finds are still exciting though!). For a while in time my mission was decanters, decanters, and more decanters!  It all started with one lil guy- my first decanter that I found. Which I now use as my version of a brandy set, when in truth it holds my amaretto for my drink of choice, amaretto sours!!! The rest I am displaying on these lovely shelves- along with some other bottles and crafts!


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