Sunday, October 7, 2012


Its finally feeling like falllll! We got our first snow this weekend here in Colorado, nothing stuck around but it was still exciting!  Unfortunately it seems to always be way too hot or way too cold and we miss spring and fall. Here's a little craft to help you hold on to the changing and falling leaves!

A Branch
Plastic fall leaves (I got mine from Hobby Lobby on a stem and plucked them off)
Hot Glue

It's pretty self explanatory from here, you simply tie a little knot around the stem of the leaves and tie another knot around the branch. For the other leaves that are directly on the branch, I dabbed hot glued the stem of the leaf and pressed them onto little nubs or slid them onto small twigs still on the branch. Mine also came with a little acorns so I put those on too! You could hang these guys on a wall, over your bed, or even tie it to yourself if you like it that much. You could also add feathers or whatever else you can think of!

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