Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have a really bad habit of breaking my phones. I break my phone about every other month! Lucky for me my dad is a tech junkie/nerd and he can fix it himself- so I never have to pay to get it fixed or buy a new one! However knowing this has only encouraged me more to continue not using a case. Buttttttttttttttt since I got my wood burning pen I have been wanting a wooden iPhone case to customize my own case! Now my phone is nice and safe...for the time being however. 

I ordered this wooden case off of amazon for only 5 bucks + free shipping- the catch? it took about a month to get in. But its a simple project none the less- really doesn't require any step by step instructions. If you have the wood burning tool you understand it works on any wooden surface- let it heat up and draw to your heart's content. I didn't use any rulers or anything I wanted it to have the hand drawn vibe to it, so the lines are not even or straight. I am debating on putting a stain on it to make it a little more of a darker/worn wood. But that will be a different project for a different day. I'm going to use it how it is for a little and see if I like it as is. Now I need to brainstorm what I want to burn up next! I am thinking a wooden cutting board or maybe one of my cheese boards - I got a bunch from the thrift stores with domes for succulent terrariums but haven't gotten to that project yet...maybe I can kill two birds with one stone and make a terrarium with some wood burning accents. tune innnnnnnnn for that next time!


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