Monday, September 17, 2012


I am having a nostalgic moment. For one of my class projects- did I mention that although I just graduated a few months back I am back in school! Job searching is way boring- more so than school sooooo I decided to go back to school! Anyways for one of my classes we have to create a montage/postcard/photo collection whateverrrrr about either one emotion or traveling. Sort of a loose guideline - but either one. Since I spent the last year traveling that seemed perfect for me. This project got me thinking about some of the amazing places I got to go to this past year. After graduating last December I have gone to all of the following places:

Pernambuco, Brazil
Santa Catarina,  Brazil
Seoul, South Korea
Busan, South Korea
New Orleans
San Fransisco

 I think that is all... for now. Oh yeah and Vegas. Lots and lots of Vegas this past year haha. Turning 21 is baddd. The photo above is from my trip to Brazil. It was taken after a hike up these beautiful sand dunes at a beach in Florian√≥polis. I went to Brazil to visit one of my great friends Grazielle and adorable as she is surprised me with a ROAD TRIP! We drove from her home city Goiana, Pernambuco to Florian√≥polis Santa Catarina-which is a beach town. We stayed in this beautiful beach house that was a 10 walk to the beach and a 5 minute walk to the boardwalk shopping. It was so amazing- every meal we had fresh mango in our salads, tons and tons of delicious steaks, and giant ( and I mean giant!) avocados. The avocados pits alone are the size of the whole avocados that I buy here at home. I spent this whole month in Brazil eating. I swear I gained at least 10 lbs. Even laying out on the beach consisted of tanning and eating! I barely even went swimming- that whole 30 minute of waiting before swimming would be a waste of eating time! On the beach they sold ice cold coconut water ( in the coconut), corn on the cob with salt and butter, roasted cheese on a stick rolled in herbs ( that they roast in front of you), and my favorite dulce de leche filled churros with sprinkles. Brazil is without a doubt Heaven on earth. Amazinggggg.
Might I add that this song "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" by Michel Telo has been the anthem of all of my trips! Every where I go, and I mean ever where, this song has been playing nonstop. I thought it was a Brazilian thing but no its a whole world kind of thing. 

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