Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Another simple and easy project. I realize that when it comes to crafting I have ADD. It takes me forever to finish one project before I start the next. And Pinterest does not help that little problem at all. This little project I have been meaning to do for over a year! 

I have been collecting picture frames for quite some bit of time. I am attempting to fill up one whole wall with scattered frames. but due to extreme laziness and being cheap I have been avoiding printing pictures that aren’t the regular 5x7. Soooo they have basically been hanging up on my wall blank for a good year. Did it look cool? Not even a little bit. So today I finally decided to do something about it with my handy dandy chalk board spray paint.i think the pictures are pretty clear on how I did it…. but if it requires some directions here is a very very simple step by step.

1. Run the glass in a dishwasher on hot and steam dry to get those stubborn thrift store tags off. Or soak in hot soapy water for a half hour.
2. Follow instructions on the Chalk Board spray paint. It will require a couple of layers and time between each layer to dry.
3. Put back in frame and draw to your heart’s content.

I should also note that I did use white paint on two of the chalk board frames to make the texts more permanent and visible. Sooooo essentially I could have just used black spray paint…but I didn’t.  =)

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