Sunday, September 9, 2012


This is a fairly easy project. Something I came up with on a whim. While I was shopping for other craft supplies I saw that HobbyLobby sold some small pieces of leather. Which I have been thinking about getting for various other projects I saw on Pinterest. But I got a pretty small strip and not enough to do anything to big or crazy with. It was pretty pricey so I wanted to try working with leather first before I bought a bunch and started something big and destroyed it. Since I am terrible with my cards (I lose them on a monthly basis) I decided to make a wallet with the strip of leather I got.

Leather cutter
Thick and pointy! sewing needle

The strip was pretty much already cut to the width of my cards so I did a rough measurement by sticking a card inside and folding it over hamburger style twice so it made a bottom and a flap- cutting off the excess with this rolling fabric cutter that I found in the basement ( still in its wrapper from like the 90s!) I suckkkkkkk at sewing so the craftsmanship on this is pretty shitty but I’m just going to call it my practice round! I painted the top with some regular paint and just use some of the scrap for an accent piece on it.

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