Thursday, September 13, 2012


Here’s a project I did recently that only took me about 45 minutes! I wanted to redo my desk area and found inspiration here. All you need is some cork board (I got a pack of four with a sheet of double sided tape at hobby lobby for $9) some white paint, and painter’s tape. Because they are stuck on the wall with double sided tape, you can remove them and switch the pattern so it looks more like this. Either way is great!

Cork Board
Painters Tape
White paint
Double sided tape to hang

1. Take the painter’s tape and line it up on the cork board.
2, Take the second square and place the tape strips diagonally, making sure the tape lines up with the tape from the first one. I didn’t do any measuring and just eyeballed it because I was doing it on my lunch break from work and was too excited!
3. Paint a few layers of white paint on the open spots and be careful around the edges of the tape so it won't bleed. I had to do a few touch ups where the lines didn’t quite match up, but I think it turned out pretty gooood.


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