Saturday, September 22, 2012


Greatest find ever. Okay maybe not really but I was pretty damn excited when I found this jar of knobs. I have been looking for vintage knobs and came across a few in Europe but they were prettttty pricey! A little fancier but these are awesome because they are wood!

Whichhhh means I get to use my wood burner again! I have been going a little crazy with it and its not the best tool (considering it was 10 bucks) so you can definitely feel the heat. My hands kind of feel like they are on fire right now… probably not a good thing but they look okay at least.

I went with the chevron design for my first attempt since it is the easiest print for me to do and its hard to mess it up. That explains why everything I do has that pattern, if anyone was wondering. Its just a good experiment design. So basically did what I have been doing burning and painting baybayyy. Also if you haven’t noticed there has been a repetition with the paint I use. Again simple explanation; It's all I have. Everything else is dried up or quite the opposite, too watery!


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