Monday, October 7, 2013


This week we bought a bunch of canvases to make some wall art for our houses! I have a lot of smaller pieces but really needed some larger art. These canvases were on sale at 5 for $25 so we jumped on it. I made the anchor one based on a giant cross-stitch piece that I saw, but mine is made with just paint! I counted out 29 "rows" and divided that by the available amount of centimeters on the back. I did some measurements to try to make everything centered and evenly spaced and drew the Xs on the back using pencil. Then held up the canvas to the light in order to see through and I just had to paint on my Xs!

Amy painted the diamond and our friend Alix painted on the antlers. Until we can afford actual art this will have to do!

For some more DIY art ideas check out some of our other projects like paint by number updo, geometric paint sample art, nail and string art, or vintage book picture display!


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