Thursday, December 19, 2013


This craft is a little more time consuming but they are great if you have lots of embroidery thread lying around. When I'm sending someone a letter I like to put one of these to spice it up a bit. So spicy!

Embroidery thread
Liquid Starch (found at craft stores)
Glue stick

1. Choose your embroidery thread colors. Pick the color you want your stem to be. Take the wire and run the glue stick along it. Begin wrapping embroidery thread around the wire so that you cannot see any of the wire. Wrap once up and then back down.

2.Cut the thread you want to use for the feather into uniform lengths, about 2 inches in length.

3. Take your cut thread and tie a simple knot around the wire. Continue this all the way up the stem. Make sure you are making your knots all on the same side.

4. Dip your feather into liquid starch and squeegee out the excess. Don't remove too much, just enough so that it is not dripping! Shape the feather how you want it.

5. To dry it, take some thread and tied a knot around the very bottom of the stem, then tie this to a pencil and put the pencil across the top of a large cup. This way the feather won't stick to anything. You can trim the sides for any stragglers!

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