Monday, May 5, 2014


One of my co-workers left for a better opportunity... so for her farewell I made her some Earl Grey & Lavender Chocolate chip cookies! 

Again, this post is also from something I did months ago. I am trying to catch up since I have not contributed to this blog in a year! 

This awesome cookie is so simple- you can take your favorite cookie recipe (chocolate chip, sugar cookies, shortbread - anything!) and just make one change and it's done! 

Where your recipe calls for butter, all you do is melt the butter in a pot and throw in 3-4 Lavender/Earl Grey tea bags into the butter pot. Do not have the stove on high and just let the tea infuse the butter ( yes like if you were making special brownies). Remove the tea bag (squeeze out all the butter) or strain the butter if you did not use bags and proceed with the recipe! 

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