Sunday, April 27, 2014


This was something I did back in January- this is a super delayed post. Also sorry for the terrible phone/Instagram photos! I sort of forgot all about blogging and these are the only pictures I have of this project. 

I made this for a friend who had recently got out of a relationship to help him get back into the game! He loves How I Met Your Mother, so I got him The Playbook and made him a kit of props he would need for each play.

Each prop was labeled with a tag for the Play that they went with. I placed everything into a sweet briefcase I got for 4 bucks at the thrift store! ( I have also made a job hunting kit in a briefcase I did a year or so ago...I have a thing for briefcases) 

Along with the props, I also made him a flask ( for some liquid courage before each play). I found a plain flask and used a mini grinder on the metal for some industrial looking texture. I then cut a piece of scrap leather and glued it around the flask. Since it was scrap leather the pieces were not complete enough to cover the whole flask- but this left some of the metal exposed for a cool rustic look! 

I also made candied bacon... because it's delicious. I wrapped them up in butcher paper and tied with some white string and included it into the kit.

And voila! Your newly single man friend is ready to go! 

Another gift I did around the same time was a Whiskey kit - bottle of whiskey, glass, and whiskey stones. Another great way to cheer up a man friend!


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