Sunday, November 25, 2012


Finallyyy it's after Thanksgiving, and socially acceptable for me to start decorating for Christmas! I'm one of those obnoxious people that loves that they have started playing Christmas music a few days after Halloween. If I start listening to it and decorating only after Thanksgiving, Christmas seems to come to quick and I don't feel like I have sufficient time to enjoy it! It's the build up to Christmas that I love, not necessarily the day itself.  Its just such a nostalgic and fun time, I'm able to relax for a month from school and have Christmas lights all over the house without appearing like a poor college student. ANYWAYS here are some awesome ideas for alternative Christmas trees if you don't have room or the money for a real (or fake) one! Click pictures for links and more information.

This tree is simply made using fabric and chalkboard paint!

 Put all those Christmas cards to WORK. I wish I got cards that cute!
 from Almost Makes Perfect, use blueprint printouts from Kinkos to print large photos. 

Gorgeous idea from Free People

This is such an interesting tree! Among the ornaments it's adorned with doileys, buttons, and cute figurines. The key to this one is sticking to a color scheme, as long as you have that you can add pretty much anything!

 I looove this minimalist tree


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