Monday, November 5, 2012


Some more fall decoratingggg! I saw a post on Pinterest where someone taped dried herbs and flowers to the inside of mason jar lids and placed them in windows. If you do it with smaller flowers you can choose to hot glue the stem to the lid, and then store the jar upside down, so that the flower is standing straight up. I don't think you could do that with these leaves but you could try! Once I get some more jars in different sizes I am going to hang up all different shapes and colors of leaves. You could also do this with pine cones when Christmas comes! Super easy and took me all of 2 minutes. You just have to make sure you offset the tape on the string a little bit, so that the leaf is hanging in the center. 
Another tip I saw online was to dip the leaves in wax to preserve their color. I didn't do that here but they have been hanging for a couple weeks!
I also made this really cute acorn garland to go with it, found here!


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