Friday, November 16, 2012


Believe it or NOT (believe it) this faux cow skull is completely made from Resin! I had been wanting to get this forever from Hobby Lobby but it was $35 dollars so I couldn't bring myself to get it. This particular one I found in the Western theme section, and they had other neat antler and skull stuff as well. I love this one because it has a completely flat back unlike a real skull so it can hang perfectly on a wall. Finally I went and saw they were having a 50% off sale on Men's Resin! Uhh whatever that meansss....

I had seen a post on Free Peoples' blog a long time ago and have been wanting to put something like this together since the dawn of time. I gathered up some feathers and dried flowers I had from different occasions to put in the eye sockets, and the color on the antlers is just embroidery thread. 
When you're wrapping the thread it's best to start by wrapping it once around then making a knot in the back, leaving a large amount of the end of the thread sticking out, and not making any cuts yet. Continue to wrap the antler and when you're finished, cut it and tie it to the thread sticking out from where you made the first knot, so that each color is one continuous portion of thread. Basically you just want the knots to be in the back. I hope that makes sense!

If you want to buy this bag as a tote, click on the picture below!

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