Thursday, September 19, 2013


Guys I got engaged! Actually since my last post, I graduated and got a job doing research! So crafts have been put on the backburner :(. But this engagement party was an excuse for Amy and our friend Alix and I to get crafty! We kind of just all brought things and brought ideas and it came together so amazingly, better than I ever could have imagined! We did not have any particular theme in mind, other than we wanted diamonds. Here are some pictures of the details.


Above: Amy and I used the classic folded paper snowflake technique (folding a piece of paper in half and making cuts) to make this diamond banner! We did some of the bigger cuts using scissors, but did the smaller detail individually with an exacto-knife. For some diamonds we looked up pictures of classic diamonds, and others we did random cuts. Really, because it is symmetrical, it will come out awesome looking no matter what you do! Then Amy tied them to the main twine strand by making little bows. I have this hanging in my room above my bed now! 

The fabric is from Ikea, and we made Strawberry-Mint White Wine spritzers! We just used cheap dry white wine with cheap champagne and let the strawberries and mint soak for a few hours. It ended up being a little bitter so we made some simple syrup (one part boiling water, one part sugar) and added a bit of that! There was no real recipe we followed with this :)

Above: Alix came up with this ingenious idea to cut pictures out of old Life and Nature magazines from the thrift store. Some of them she also found in old "How to Draw Animal" books. She also spray-painted toy animals silver to put on the table!

Above: Appetizers! We had all kinds of cheese, grapes, fresh bruschetta, and meats. For dessert Amy made her famous Honey Almond Lavender cupcakes that everyone loves, and used sparkly edible sprinkles on top. For the main course we made a pasta dish that incorporated spinach, avocado, jalepeno, lemon, and garlic, and was delicious! Pasta was nice and easy to make a ton of. Alix also made the banner in the background out of silver and white tissue paper tied with twine!

Some extra seating!

It was just perfect and I couldn't be happier!

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