Saturday, December 1, 2012


I recall doing this back in days in one of my art classes- probably in middle school. Its a pretty fun project but a lot harder than I remember. I managed to cut myself 3 times on 3 different fingers. It takes some patience and time. Its cool to have your own custom stamp though! You can do hand drawn typography or print something out and use it as a template! For this project I printed out what I wanted in Helvetica- I love hand drawing type but since this is my first go at this since middle school I decided to just start with something easy. With a hand drawn type I would need draw it out large enough, scan it, print it, etc. Which I plan on doing now that I got the hang of it. I already have some ideas brewwwwwing in my head and tons of doodles in my sketch book.  


Linoleum sheet- ( get this from a craft store)
Linoleum Cutter Assortment ( I got mine from amazon!)
Laser Printer
Exacto Knife
Kraft Card 

1. Design what you want on paper or computer ( if on paper scan it to you computer) 
2. Using your Exacto knife cut out a piece of the Linoleum sheet to fit your design
3. Print out your design on a Laser Printer in Black Ink 
4.Immediately iron it onto your linoleum and push firmly down until the ink transfer over onto the linoleum. If you are doing typography it will transfer on backward- that is why you dont have to worry about mirroring your image before you print.
5. Use your cutter and the appropriate head and start carving around the template printed onto your linoleum. Try to cut it as low as possible without thinning out your linoleum to much.  
6. Ink up your stamp and stamp away! If you have time you can trim a piece of wood to the same size of your linoleum cut out and paste it to the back to give it a better handle. 

haha igonore the fact that my n looks backwards in greetings. I apparently messed up somewhere in the processs ;) but whatever it adds character!What better way to show that its homemade than typos and mistakes. I am sticking with that story! 

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