Sunday, December 16, 2012


I have seen a few variations of these jewelry displays on Pinterest and decided to give it a go. I love jewelry and accessories but always seem to lose them. Probably because my idea of storing them is tossing them in a little pile on my desk, floor, purse.. basically anywhere. As you can assume this results in me losing or breaking everything. So this project is right up my ally- something I could use to help organize my jewelry. Now this was not all for me- this was actually a project I did for work. I created these displays ( the big one is for me) for displaying the beautiful and really cool jewelry from my work for our retailers. You can read my other blog here.


¼ inch square Wire Mesh Screen
Wire Cutter
Saw Tooth Hangers
Vintage Frames

I did two variations of this jewelry display frame- one with a mesh back and another with twine. All you do is remove the glass and backing from the frame, and staple the material you want and how you want it to the back of the frame. Use your staple gun to secure it on. Cut off excess material. DONE!

So simple. I am a big fan of quick and easy projects. Especially ones that do not require too much clean up. If you're interested in more jewelry holders, check out the animal jewelry holder we made here!

For this Vintage Frame DIY Jewelry Display photo shoot I got to raid our inventory and pick some of my favorite pieces to photograph! You can check out more of the jewelry pictured below at

Top Left: Seafoam Stalactite Necklace
Bottom Left: Petal Amethyst Druzy Necklace, Bella Geode Earrings, Bella Ammonite Earrings
Bottom Right: Bella Ammonite Earrings  

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