Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Foxes are all the rage right now. And I am quite alright with that! This makes a great DIY christmas gift if you have still been procrastinating! I don't have a sewing machine so mine were all hand sewn, and one fox took me a bit less than an hour. There are a lot of fox pillow variations right now on Pinterest so this is a mix of several versions I saw around. Here's the low down..

White fabric ( I used an old white sheet from the thrift store)
Fabric scraps
Fabric paints
Paint Brushes
Sewing needle and thread (or sewing machine)
Cotton (I used Poly-Fil from hobby lobby)


1. Use a pencil to draw your design on the white fabric! I free-handed mine for the first fox, then painted all the lines in black paint. I placed this underneath white fabric to use it as a stencil to trace all the other foxes. You can use different shapes for the chest/belly or for the tail. 

 2. Cut out the drawing, staying about an 1 1/2 inches away from it so there is extra fabric to sew.

3. Paint the base color of your fox. It is okay if your lines aren't perfect because you will then use a fine tip paint brush to paint the black border. You can go thick or thin here.

4. Once dry, place a sheet of white paper over the ears and trace the inner ear triangle. Cut out the paper triangle and use it as a template to cut out a piece of fabric scrap that looks good with your paint choice. Sew these to the ears.

 5. Go back to your white fabric and place your fox up-side down onto a new piece of fabric. Cut along the outline, creating a piece of fabric that is a mirror image. This will be the back of the pillow.

 6. Take a picture of  your attention-hog dog sitting on your fox. This step is CRUCIAL.

7. Place the two cut outs on top of each other ( still with the fox facing down) and get to sewing! Leave a few inches un-sewn for a place to put the stuffing in.

8. Turn inside out, and fill with stuffing! Hand sew up the remaining area and you're done! Easyyy.


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